New Construction at The Cove

Planning to build a home at The Cove at Turkey Creek, please read below:


Dear Lot Owners and Future Neighbors:

Construction activity on the few remaining lots in the Cove at Turkey Creek is picking up. As you may know, the development went through reorganization several years ago. The homeowners association now runs day to day operations of the Cove and exercises many of the rights initially reserved to the developer.  

Of most importance for your interests is to understand the requirement for approval of the design of  your proposed residence before construction begins.  (See Article X of the declaration of covenants; the approval authority has formally been passed to the HOA by the developer.)

Because our HOA is run by volunteers from the neighborhood, we need the input of a professional architect to assess the design compatibility of your proposed home to existing guidelines. The HOA retains final approval but needs the architect's input to assure we fully understand how the new home fits into the neighborhood. Our goal in this process is to assure harmony in the Cove--on all levels.

Currently the architect we use is Markus Chady. Once you indicate to us your desire to begin construction, we will put you in touch with him. He will provide an application form that asks for all pertinent details of the proposed new home. The homeowner is responsible for paying for the review and currently he charges $960.  

The best advice we can give to assure a timely and stress-free review, is to provide all the requested information to the architect at the outset. We are attaching a copy of the most current design guidelines, which we will post on our website. Our website, has all our basic governing documents.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  Regards, Board of Directors, Cove at Turkey Creek.

Bill Bryan, President
Tracey Quillin, Treasurer
Susie Stout, Secretary
Jeannette Rogers
Paul Lewis



The Cove Design Guidelines Amended
This document describes the design guidelines for new construction at The Cove at Turkey Creek.
The Cove Design Guidelines_Amended.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [77.6 KB]